H.P. +82 10-4854-2778
E-mail. jeongmin.cha@kaist.ac.kr

The Research Field That I Am Interested in

    I am interested to research EDM (Educational Data Mining) and ITS (Intelligent Tutoring System). As I participated in performing an Academic-industrial reasearch project in the data mining labortary of Hanyang University and wrote a graduation thesis, I became interested in data mining and machine learning. I also worked as a programming instructor in a private educational institute. The experience as an instructor teaching software made me get concered about educational data and data mining technologies related to using educational data. It was to encounter codility–A platform in where people solve algorithm problems–that I decided to research ITS, a specific topic in educational data mining.

    In codility, an user could see their codes at every moment and I thought the codes could be used as time-series data and apply them into machine learning algorithm. I also thought that this might discover how learners thought would develop and what learning patterns they have. Thus, I decided to research ITS which can help learners learn programming by using data mining and machine learning algorithms in the graduate school in where I am.


  • MS, School of Computing
    • KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Daejeon, South Korea
  • BS, Computer Science and Engineering
    • Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea
    • March 2012 ~ February 2017
      • GPA 4.08 / 4.50
      • Major GPA 4.18 / 4.50


  • Data Science
    • Tensorflow, Keras
  • Frontend
    • Ionic v2, React Native, Android Mobile
  • Backend
    • Flask, Django
  • Familiar with Vim, Linux

Research Experiences

Participation in an academic-industrial project in data mining lab DEC 2015 - MAY 2016
In data mining lab of Hanyang University, I performed an academic-industrial project on the subject ‘Imputation for a rating matrix by using a Trust Network’. This research was supported by Computeaorganization at Hanyang University.

Writing a graduation thesis on the theme of recommendation systems MAY 2016 - OCT 2016
The title of the theis is ‘An imputation Methoud Using Directly Connected Neighbors in a Trust Network for Recommendation’. The paper was submitted to the Fall Conference of the Information Processing Society of Korea in 2015 and included in the collection of papers.

Special Experiences

research lab intern, elice JAN 2017 - Present
I am working on research and mobile project as an intern at elice.

Programming instructor, Inflearn DEC 2016 - Present
I have been teaching basics of Typescript and mobile application development by Ionic 2 framework at Inflearn.

Programming instructor, Techbridge JUN 2016 - DEC 2016
I taught Android, Java programming and AP Computer Science courses at Techbridge, a coding education company.

Developer intern, Softpub JUN 2016 - AUG 2016
I served as a developer intern at Softpub, a company running an e-book platform called Poolza books. In this company, I wrote python scripts to process student statistical statistics and issue transcripts.

Trainee, SW Maestro course JUL 2015 - JUN 2016
I was appointed as the 6th trainee of the SW Maestro course, a program that was set up by the future creation science department and information technology promotion center to clutivate SW excellent talent. I performed activities in the course for one year.

Developer intern, LG Electronics JUL 2013 - AUG 2013
I served as a dveloper intern fot two months in LG Electronics Seo-cho R&D labortary in 2013.

Other special points

  • Took National Excellent Science and Engineering Scholarship of Korea
  • Took Coursera Certificate for Machine learning
  • Participated in competitions at Kaggle
    • Santendar Customer Satisfaction
    • San Francisco Crime Classification
  • Developed an outsourcing project - Kidari Bank
    • Developed mobile applications and a server
  • Operated as an web developer in TEDxHanyangU (2014)
  • Received Best Developer award at Super Challenge Hackerthon course hosted by Inha University Entrepreneur Center (2015)
  • Completed Makerthon hosted by IdeaFactory at Seoul National University (2016)
  • Participated in the 5th Samsung Software Challenge Camp (2013)